Your 5 step guide to a successful project with Clarke Rendall

STEP 1 - Writing your brief

This stage is crucial to the success of all that follows so make sure you are asking all the right questions, such as:

WHAT IS IT/WHAT MUST IT DO? - How many users need to be accommodated? Will it need specific equipment such as PC's, TFT screens, security equipment? Will it need to be DDA compliant? Does it need storage? Are there any architectural features to accommodate such as walls or columns? Etc.

WHAT SHOULD IT LOOK LIKE? - Preferred styling, straight or curved. Perhaps based on one of our previous projects or possibly a standard product?

HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT FINISHED? - Veneer, plain-colour or wood-effect laminate, glass, steel, stone, acrylic. With lighting, plinth detail, inlay bands, a logo, a lightbox? Etc.

WHAT BUDGET IS AVAILABLE? - Is this to be a bespoke project or can we meet your needs with a standard evolution® product? Maybe the solution is customising a standard product to produce an evolution® special?

Call us on 01908 391600 and speak to one of our specialist support team who will try and get a fix on the type of thing you're after. Our experienced staff will quickly establish everything required by Clarke Rendall to move on to the next step in the process.

STEP 2 - Presenting you with an initial design

Based on all you've told us, our design team will now produce:

An initial design proposal in the form of a plan drawing and 3D images plus examples of other relevant projects

Swatches of potential veneers/laminates or any specialist finishes

Indicative budget costings based on initial design

Manufacturing lead time based on current production schedule

Although what's listed above will result in a comprehensive presentation, we may keep the design itself quite loose in order that feedback from you and your client can be easily integrated.

Sample Initial Design

STEP 3 - Responding to your feedback and finalizing the design

Once you have discussed the initial design with your client, we can address any requested changes or tweaks required and then produce a full detailed design proposal including 3D renders of the furniture in situ for you to formally present to your client for final sign off and ordering purposes. To support this design, we will also produce an accurate detailed quotation and confirm the manufacturing lead time to produce your furniture.

Sample Detailed Design Proposal

STEP 4 - Placing the order and scheduling manufacture

The design and costs are agreed, now it's time to place an order. Upon receipt of your order, construction drawings are generated and sent to you for your client's approval. Once approved, these drawings are issued to our expert cabinet makers, and your furniture is hand built to order here at our 20,000 sq ft facility in Milton Keynes.

Sample Construction Drawing - A

Sample Construction Drawing - B

STEP 5 - Delivery and Installation

Your furniture is then delivered and installed by highly experienced Clarke Rendall fitters whose dedication and professionalism ensures they always represent your company in the best possible light during their time on site. Don't just take our word for it though, read it for yourself. 
With All standard evolution® products, scheduled delivery and installation is even free of charge.

Need anything else?

If you need any further assistance or would just like to talk to somebody about any of the services outlined here, simply pick up the phone now and call our friendly, knowledgeable support team on 01908 391600.

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