Reception Desks

The reception desk and surrounding area is often the first focal point for customers coming into an office. It is the business owner's first chance to create the impression they would like their customers to take away with them, such as:

A welcoming environment 

The shape, colour and style of reception desk and related office furniture can help convey the desired message to customers and may even play a role in gaining new clients. Giving your clients a detailed account of their options can assist them in making economical choices, both in terms of time spent in the selection process and in the furnishings themselves.

Seeing the Full Picture When Choosing a Reception Desk

Reception areas can be very spread out in a large office setting or quite tiny when dealing with a small business owner. Reception counters in a contemporary style are curved, straight, or L-shaped or even a Corian reception desk to accommodate a variety of spaces. It is important for the business owner to be able to browse through catalogues to see all of these options in a user-friendly layout. Clarke Rendall offers a comprehensive specification guide and price list of its evolution range of reception desks. Your client will get a full picture of the products they're considering for purchase.

Clarke Rendall also offers special and bespoke furniture for rooms that are not quite the right size or shape for standard pieces.

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