Office Reception

The reception area of an office, whether it consists of one small table or a large desk where numerous people work, requires a lot of upkeep to make sure it always looks fresh and clean. If your client owns a very large business, hired cleaners may be dispatched for this job. Small business owners may ask that the reception staff members tidy up their office space, and for this reason, they may want to consider furniture that is both attractive and easy to maintain.

Taking Care of Your Office Reception Area

Contemporary office furniture can be made up of a great many different kinds of materials, including:
Wood veneer, wood grain or laminate finishes
Glass or acrylic upstands, counter and privacy screens
Aluminum support posts and detailing
Lightbox feature panel
Corian® feature panels

When going through the process of selecting conference tables, desks and other furniture, you should have your client think about the amount of traffic that goes through a particular room or area, such as the reception area. The higher the traffic in an area, the more fingerprints and other marks will stay on the desk and table surfaces. Low-maintenance yet high-quality furniture, such as the evolution® range from Clarke Rendall, often does not need more than a soft cloth and an application of a non-abrasive cleaner to retain the shine and natural beauty of the piece. Clarke Rendall's specifications guide contains detailed instructions for cleaning the different materials offered in the evolution® collection and is available online.

Clarke Rendall prides itself on excellent customer service that makes the entire furniture-purchasing process painless for both dealers and their clients.

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