Bespoke Office Furniture

Bespoke office furniture may be the ideal option for the business owner who wants a completely unique, contemporary look for their site or for the executive whose office configuration will not accommodate an existing design. Encouraging your client to provide as many details as possible about their ideas for a reception area, office or table for the boardroom can help make their vision a reality with bespoke office furniture.

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Putting Together Plans for Bespoke Office Furniture.

Gathering all of the information needed to create a custom design takes a lot of time and motivation. The client's site needs to be measured. Plans for the piece of furniture have to be drawn up. Decisions have to be made concerning the finish of the completed product. Details have to be attended to, such as whether there will be a full plinth, no plinth or recessed plinth, privacy screen with or without a logo, or an upstand with lighting. Clarke Rendall can make the process easier for both the dealer and their client.

Clarke Rendall's team of designers work together with dealers to ensure that the journey is smooth for the client. Fax or email detailed drawings for a bespoke furniture item (with measurements) to be evaluated, and Clarke Rendall will send back a quote to submit to your client.

Clarke Rendall is a maker of contemporary office furniture, specialising in both reception and executive desks, tables and accessories. The Milton Keynes-based company serves customers throughout the United Kingdom.

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